Dear colleagues and friends,

welcome to the 9th International Tuebingen Symposium on Pediatric Solid Tumors „Innovations and Advances in Treatment of Rare Solid Tumors“. As in previous years we are delighted to welcome physicians and scientists from all over the world in Tuebingen.

Among solid tumors in children, pancreatic tumors, tumors in the ear, nose and throat area, endocrine tumors, NUT carcinoma, and DICER-1-driven tumors hold a particular status. For a long time, children and adolescents with rare tumors could not benefit from the successes of recent decades in the treatment of cancer. It is not only their rarity that emphasize the need for accumulation of knowledge through international networking and profound cooperation between the different specializations. Many of these tumors are so called adult type cancers, occurring rarely in children, however often presenting with different biology and clinical characteristics.

As it has become a tradition for our meeting, leading international experts on pediatric rare solid tumors (Oncology, Surgery, Radiology, Pathology, Radio-Oncology, and Biology) will be present at the 9th Tuebingen Symposium. Their contributions will ensure an outstanding scientific value of the event. Over the years the Tuebingen Symposium on Pediatric Solid Tumors has become recognized as a comprehensive and sustainable meeting, characterized not only by its scientific standard based on an interdisciplinary and international approach, but also by its character and the cordial atmosphere at the different social events. We are looking forward to an exciting meeting with fruitful discussions and new insights into the field of rare solid tumors.

Prof. Jörg Fuchs & Prof. Johannes Schulte & PD Dr. Ines Brecht & PD Dr. Andreas Schmidt
Congress Chairs